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Yep, I turned 30 years old today. It feels a bit strange. Not because of any magical or scientific mechanism for being alive for exactly three decades, but because I know that if my 20-year-old or 15-year-old self would see where I am and what Ive done until now, hed probably have a lot of mixed fee...

Twenty Twenty Post-Mortem


Apparently I write Christmas letters now. Do people even do that anymore? These post-mortems are like the emo-edgy version of a Christmas letter. Anyway, we made it. For a lot of people, this was the hardest and slowest year, for others it was super quick. For me it was somewhere in-between, but don...

It's okay to feel.


When I launched this blog, I had every intention of writing a post once a month for the whole year. I love writing, but sometimes I feel like its best for me to listen and think first. Actually, those are probably best for me at all times, but here we are. Twenty-twenty has been one hell of a ride. ...

My favorite scene from each Star Wars film


Its no secret that Star Wars is my favorite seriesfranchiseanything. I first saw Star Wars from an old VHS tape that my parents had recorded from a TV showing on cable, complete with commercials from the early 90s. To this day I cant watch the original trilogy without thinking there should be a comm...

Isolation can be good.


I swore to myself I wouldnt post about the issue that the world is facing, but since theres a ton of negativity going on about it, I figured Id do a 180 with these posts and give some advice. In the event that this is read far in the future for whatever reason, Im referring to the COVID-19 pandemic ...